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Fascinating stuff, Kristin! I love how there was such pageantry around what would have otherwise been a mundane task. I was remembering scenes from the "Tudor Monastery Farm" series in which they gather rushes, plait them into floor mats, & strew herbs in the floor. On YouTube, starts around 1:15 in this video:


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I'm so enjoying how organized your site is, Kristin...I'm catching up & ambling through your posts!

Seeing your quote from the Wilkes-Barre Library News-letter I did a little local research...

I found articles shared in our Pennsylvania papers dating as far back as 1857 -- telling about rush-bearing festivals in England. I'll have to do some more digging. I'm wondering if the articles were simply 'human interest' types of things or if they relate in some way to festivals in our local area churches?

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